Four Star Best Western Plus Lex Cebu Hotel for €63 a day

Cebu is a province in the Philippines, that is found in the Central Visayas region. Cebu is surrounded with more than 150 island and islets. The beauty of Cebu is like a lost island that is hidden in the Southeast Asia. This is a perfect honeymoon getaway for those who want to travel in cool yet quiet place. Please note that all information regarding flights and prices displayed here is accurate at the time of publication. If you are viewing [...]


Three Star Hotel Hokke Club Asakusa in Tokyo, Japan for €60 a day

Tokyo is a fantastic place for a honeymoon. It’s got some of the world’s best hotels, more Michelin-starred restaurants than Paris, romantic bars, warm and gracious service, and some great nearby options like hot springs and tropical islands. If your idea of a great honeymoon involves over-the-top luxury, mind-blowing food, and impeccable service, then you can’t beat Tokyo. A few days enjoying the sweet life in Tokyo, followed by a few nights in a fine Japanese onsen ryokan (hot spring [...]


Four Star Fontana Hotel Bali, a PHM Collection for only €27 a day

A honeymoon in Bali has something for every kind of newlywed. Whether you’re into yoga or quad bike riding, a foodie or a thrill seeker… In favour of visiting religious sites or some of the world’s most vibrant bars… And let’s not forget those epic beaches! Perhaps like us, you’re looking for all of the above. You will not regret having a Bali honeymoon. The romance that comes with a honeymoon in Bali should make it the top of [...]


Four Star Casa Blanca Boutique Hotel in Phuket Thailand for only €39 a day

A honeymoon in Phuket is a great choice of romantic destination. The island lives and breathes intimacy and has many nooks and crannies ideal for couples, including several award-winning west-coast restaurants with great hilltop and sunset views. Romantic cruises off Phuket are another big favourite with lovers. Romantic restaurants are what Phuket does best: With a 50km-long craggy and sandy coastline dotted with many picturesque bays and coves as well as lofty viewpoints – ideal for that perfect sunset [...]

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