East Asia

Honeymoon in Los Angeles: Flights from Guangzhou, China to Los Angeles, USA from only 410$

Los Angeles may not be the first place to come up with when thinking about honeymoon romance, but the City of Angels has it all, particularly for those who prefer active vacation. Intimate restaurants, sandy beaches, mountain paths, amazing food and art. It is also home to some of the finest climate known to man throughout the year, so it might be time for your honeymoon to consider going to sunny Cali. However, before you visit Los Angeles, decide [...]


Four Star Best Western Plus Lex Cebu Hotel for €63 a day

Cebu is a province in the Philippines, that is found in the Central Visayas region. Cebu is surrounded with more than 150 island and islets. The beauty of Cebu is like a lost island that is hidden in the Southeast Asia. This is a perfect honeymoon getaway for those who want to travel in cool yet quiet place. Please note that all information regarding flights and prices displayed here is accurate at the time of publication. If you are viewing [...]


Three Star Hotel Hokke Club Asakusa in Tokyo, Japan for €60 a day

Tokyo is a fantastic place for a honeymoon. It’s got some of the world’s best hotels, more Michelin-starred restaurants than Paris, romantic bars, warm and gracious service, and some great nearby options like hot springs and tropical islands. If your idea of a great honeymoon involves over-the-top luxury, mind-blowing food, and impeccable service, then you can’t beat Tokyo. A few days enjoying the sweet life in Tokyo, followed by a few nights in a fine Japanese onsen ryokan (hot spring [...]


Honeymoon in India: Budapest, Hungary to Delhi, India for only €320 roundtrip

There are some breathtaking honeymoon destinations in India. Weddings and honeymoons are two things that are always in demand and happening in a country like India! And along with thousands of wedding places rises the biggest question of what are the best honeymoon places in India to go? Well, India is full of wonders and wonderful places giving couples myriad interesting and romantic honeymoon spots in India . The newlyweds can plan a trip to heaven on earth [...]


Honeymoon in Japan and Thailand: New York to Tokyo, Japan & Bangkok, Thailand for only $615 roundtrip

I’m yet to meet anyone who has journeyed to Japan and not fallen in love with it. The country appears to have a magical draw that leaves a lasting impression on its visitors. For honeymoon couples, Japan provides a cultural adventure. If you would like to spend the whole of your post-wedding getaway relaxing on white sand then Japan isn’t for you (although it’s home to some fantastic beaches). What it does offer is deeply rooted history and traditions – where else could you learn the arts [...]


Honeymoon in Borneo: Paris, France to Borneo, Malaysia for only €344 roundtrip

We think that a honeymoon should be the most unforgettable, thrilling, once-in-a-lifetime journey and Borneo, with its combination of wildlife and nature, beach resorts and idyllic islands, fits the bill. On your Borneo honeymoon you can come face to face with orangutans in the wild, trek in steamy jungles, spend time with local people and relax on powder-white sands at stunning beach resorts. Please note that all information regarding flights and prices displayed here is accurate at the time [...]

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