The capital of Serbia is much more than one expects. Located at the confluence of two rivers, the Danube and Sava Belgrade is a perfect place to go for a walk surrounded with a mixture of influences from Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman. Indulge yourself in its multiple attractions from architecture, museums, markets and amazingly delicious food. Did we forget to mention that Belgrade is the capital of European nightlife. And this is not all, have a look at everything [...]


New York

Because of its iconic structures and parks the Big Apple is one of the most famous cities on the globe. The city provides a broad variety of stuff for tourists to look forward to. Couples who intend to spend their honeymoon in this fast-moving metropolis are in for the treat. New York has countless honeymoon attractions to ensure you have a romantic and stylish experience of honeymoon. Great for: Is your honeymoon concept fast paced? Cultured? One with more choices than [...]

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