Honeymoon in the Balkans and Mediterranean: 16 days in Belgrade, Serbia, Athens, Greece, Dubrovnik, Croatia and Rome, Italy with roundtrip flights from Melbourne or Brisbane with top rated hotels included for only AUD2114 per person

The Balkans is still an off-the-radar destination in Europe, and the one that remains largely unexplored by foreigners. There are many hidden gems in this part of southeastern Europe, including romantic getaway for couples: perfect cities, lakes, hotels and amazing food. If you want to explore a fresh destination and add a pinch of destinations you have always dreamed of visiting we've got a perfect honeymoon in the making for you: visit Belgrade, Serbia, Athens, Greece, Dubrovnik, Croatia and [...]


Honeymoon in Serbia: Flights from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, Australia from only AUD1102

The capital of Serbia is much more than one expects. Located at the confluence of two rivers, the Danube and Sava Belgrade is a perfect place to go for a walk surrounded with a mixture of influences from Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman. Indulge yourself in its multiple attractions from architecture, museums, markets and amazingly delicious food. Did we forget to mention that Belgrade is the capital of European nightlife. And this is not all, have a look at everything [...]


Valentine’s day in Paris: Sydney, Australia to Paris, France for only $903 AUD roundtrip

If you've never been to Paris but dreamed of spending the Valentine's day in the City of Light in France and decided that this is the time to plan to go, you're in for a treat. Lovers have agreed for decades that there is no more romantic location than Paris. Gastronomy and wine... The architecture and the art... Lovely hotels... People-watching the lazy afternoons in cafes... Even the elegant sound of French is one of the seductions of the [...]

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