Honeymoon in Taiwan: Rome, Italy to Taipei, Taiwan for only €329 roundtrip

Honeymoon in Taiwan: Rome, Italy to Taipei, Taiwan for only €329 roundtrip

A Taiwan honeymoon is a real treat. Taiwan’s modern cities feature bustling shopping districts and night markets packed with sensational food around every corner. The country’s dramatic mountainous terrains and picturesque lakes provide many scenic hiking options. Taiwan’s cherry blossom season and exciting festivals are also a treat for the eyes. Taiwan is also home to alluring offshore islands and numerous hot spring resorts for your relaxing needs. Whether you are a city, food, or nature lover – Taiwan has it all covered for you for your honeymoon. Even after 1 or 2 visits, Taiwan can still surprise you. On top of its numerous attractions, the people of this country are some of the friendliest and kindest people I’ve come across on my travels. I absolutely adore Taiwan. It’s relatively underrated, which means it’s not as commercialised. I am making it a point to return every few years to explore a new region

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Cheap flights from Rome, Italy to Taipei, Taiwan for only €329 roundtrip

Depart: Rome, Italy

Arrive: Taipei, Taiwan

Dates: November to December 2019

22nd November – 3rd December

22nd November -5th December

27th November – 5th December

27th November – 7th December

1st December – 7th December

4th December – 11th December

11th December – 18th December

11th December – 19th December

11th December – 21st December

11th December – 26th December

Stops: Hangzhou

Airlines: Air China

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