Honeymoon in Paris: San Francisco to Paris, France for only $269 roundtrip

Honeymoon in Paris: San Francisco to Paris, France for only $269 roundtrip

Paris – a romantic city that makes you fall head over heels again for your special someone or a city that makes for the most gorgeous backdrop for the heartfelt confessions? Irrespective of how we describe it, you know that when it’s honeymoon, it’s Paris! Thanks to the famous Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, the city’s charming culture, and more, that it stays to be an eternal haven of romance. And so, having a honeymoon in Paris is always a good idea!

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Cheap flights from San Francisco to Paris, France for only $269 roundtrip

Depart: San Francisco, USA

Arrive: Paris, France

Dates: October 2019 to March 2020

4th November – 11th November

5th November – 11 November

9th November – 17 November

13th November – 20th November

18th November – 27th November

3rd December – 12th December

4th December – 12th December

8th December – 17th December

9th December – 17th December

16th December – 23rd December

7th January – 15th January

8th January – 16th January

8th January – 17th January

13th January – 21st January

21st January – 29th January

23rd January – 27th January

3rd February – 11th February

6th February – 13th February

10th February – 19th February

11th February – 19th February

13th February – 22nd February

17th February – 24th February

19th February – 26th February

20th February – 28th February

21st February – 28th February

24th February – 2nd March

26th February – 3rd March

27th February – 6th March

28th February – 8th March

29th February – 8th March

29th February – 9th March

1st March – 7th March

1st March – 10th March

3rd March – 8th March

4th March – 9th March

4th March – 11th March

8th March – 15th March

12th march – 19th March

13th March – 18th March

13th March – 19th March

13th March – 21st March

16th March – 23rd March

16th March – 24th March

16th March – 25th March

17th March – 24th March

17th March – 25th March

18th March – 25th March

18th March – 26th March

20th March – 25th March

27th March – 7th April

Stops: Chicago, Helsinki

Arilines: American Airlines, Finnair

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